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Varicocele is a condition that normally occurs when the vein supplying the scrotum i.e pampiniform plexus gets enlarged and is more prominent on left side.This condition becomes prominent during puberty as testicles grows rapidly and is in need of much blood supply but when the valves of the vein becomes incompetent varicocele develops.Varicocele may alter the production and quality of sperm resulting in low sperm motility and infertility.Because of this condition the normal development of testicles is hampered

Symptoms of varicocele

  • Aching pain in scrotal region
  • Heaviness,dullness or dragging pain
  • Shrinkage of testicles
  • Due to inadequate blood supply one testicle appears smaller than the other
  • Oligospermia and infertility

Homoeopathy is effective in managing the symptoms of varicocele without any surgical intervention and increases the sperm count and motility.Homoeopathic medicines helps in reducing the pain and swelling with long lasting and permanent cure.

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