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Urticaria or hives is an allergic condition of the skin characterized by itching, eruptions, rawness, and burning. Depending upon frequency and duration it can be acute, sub-acute, chronic, drug induced or recurring type and can disappear and recur frequently. The urticarial rash can be circular or irregular affecting one or any part of the body. Some of the triggering factors for hives are emotional stress, bee stings, insect bite, exposure to cold, heat or sun, medications like antibiotics, pollen, dust, pet dander, certain foods like fish, eggs, peanuts etc.

Hives is not a life-threatening condition but sometimes a hyperallergic condition called anaphylaxis can develop. Symptoms of anaphylaxis include breathing difficulty, swelling of hands, feet, mouth or eyes.

Homeopathic management of urticaria is curative rather than suppressive. Along with removing the chronic tendency, it is also helpful in managing the acute phase of the disease. Duration of treatment varies from person to person based on the intensity and frequency of the condition. Avoiding the triggering factors along with lifestyle modifications, the treatment approach becomes easy and within shorter duration person attains a healthy state.

The Homoeopathic remedies beneficial in treating urticaria or hives are APIS, CARBO VEG, NUX VOMICA, SULPHUR, URTICA URENS, COLOCYNTH, LYCOPODIUM, NATRUM MUR, PULSATILLA, PHOSPHORUS, NATRUM CARB etc.

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