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Are you suffering from pain and stiffness of shoulder joint?

Is your shoulder movement restricted?

Is lifting your arm painful or unable to comb?

Is your pain increasing when lying on painful shoulder

If so then you could be suffering from periarthritis or frozen shoulder.

If so, we can help. Homeopathy can help..

What is periarthritis - Periarthritis also termed as the frozen shoulder is the most distressing and painful condition characterized by stiffness, intense pain and immobility of the shoulder joint. The movement of the shoulder becomes so restricted that it worsens the daily activities of a person.

Who is affected and what causes periarthritis - Men and women are equally affected? A person who are obese and diagnosed with diabetes, thyroid disorder, cervical spondylosis is at a higher risk. Periarthritis occurs when the capsule surrounding the shoulder joint thickens and stiffens leading to immobilization. Trauma, fracture or dislocation of the shoulder can also be the predisposing factor for periarthritis. Depending upon the chronicity it is categorized into 3 stages.

When other conventional treatments do not offer much to the patient Homoeopathic treatment helps in reducing the pain, swelling, stiffness, immobility of the joint. As the condition is reversible Homoeopathic medicines gives quick improvement. Few Homoeopathic remedies recommended in periarthritis include-Sanguinaria, Rhus Tox, Ferrum met, Causticum, Cimcifuga, Ruta, Bryonia, Calcarea Phos etc.

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