Anal Fistula

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Anal Fistula

An abnormal passage or tunnel between the gland and surrounding skin is termed as fistula. It can occur anywhere in the body but most commonly the anal region is involved. The causative factors responsible for fistula formation include recurrent abscess formation, crohn’s disease, tuberculosis, diverticulitis, chronic diarrhea or constipation etc.

Person diagnosed with anal fistula experiences pain, swelling in the region of abscess, painful, and difficult bowel movements, sometimes discharge of blood and pus with itching of skin around anal region, fever with chills. The character of pain can be burning, stitching, shooting, cutting type, and its intensity varies from person to person. Few people avoid passing stool because of agonizing pain.

Without any surgical intervention, Homeopathy treats the symptoms of anal fistula, controls the further spread of infection and discharge of pus, diminishes the tendency for abscess formation. With Homoeopathic treatment recurrence of the disease can be diminished by helping the healing process to continue without any hindrance.

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