Anal Fistula

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Anal Fistula

Anal fissure is an abnormal tear or ulcer inside the lining of anal canal which is characterized by pain, foul-smelling discharge from the opening, itching, rawness in the anal region, difficult or painful urination, bleeding and burning before, during or after stool.

Obstinate constipation, persistent diarrhoea, irregular bowel habits, inadequate fiber-rich diet and inflammatory bowel disease are the causative factor for the development of fissure.

Homeopathy has got excellent results in treating numerous cases of anal fissure or fistula. The primary intention of Homoeopathic treatment is to regularise the bowel movements making stool soft and ease pain and discomfort. Along with Homeopathic treatment diet rich in fiber, increased intake of water, regular exercise helps in overcoming the disease within a short duration. Homeopathy has excelled in treating this condition as it reduces the chances of recurrence or relapse thereby relieving the pain and other associated symptoms of the condition.

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