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Depression a kind of mood disorder has a significant impact on one's life as it hinder the day to day activities of a person, it is usually presented as a lack of interest in performing daily chores, changeable mood, restlessness, irritability, sluggish movements, feeling of guilt, suicidal thoughts, inability to think or concentrate, indecisiveness, disturbed sleep either lack or excess sleep, hopelessness, disturbed appetite leading either to weight gain or weight loss etc.

Depressive disorder creates a negative impact on behavioral, emotional and physical health of the person. If persistent for a prolonged period it may land up a person with phobic or panic disorder, anxiety, isolation from family, friends, and society, alcohol abuse, suicidal tendency etc.

Though depression is chronic in nature and its exact cause remains unknown it is treatable efficiently with Homeopathy, it restores the harmony between mind and body. Homoeopathy cures various symptoms of depression and proven to abstain a person from being dependent on anti-depressive medicines.

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