COPD and it's Management With Homoeopathy

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COPD and it's Management With Homoeopathy

COPD also known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease occurs due to long term inflammatory condition of the lungs which makes breathing difficult due to obstruction or closure of the airflow. Cough with excessive expectoration and wheezing can be a sure sign of COPD. The disease is often treatable but when left untreated it can land up a person with various complications related to heart and lung diseases and even up to a stage of cancer.

A person with COPD may have symptoms such as shortness of breath, tightness of chest, difficulty in breathing, wheezing, recurrent upper respiratory tract infections.

With Homeopathic treatment the acute exacerbations of the disease can be minimized by providing immediate relief thereby preventing the further progress of the disease. As COPD is a chronic disease it hampers the quality of life and deteriorates the health aspect of the person, but Homeopathy can improve the quality of life by providing symptomatic relief to the patient and reduces the dependence on antibiotics, bronchodilators etc.

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