Adenoids Disease

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Adenoids are one of the important components of the immune system which are a kind of glandular tissue located behind the throat, that acts as a defense system and protects from various infection. Adenoids are usually present in childhood and as the age advances, they start shrinking. The purpose of adenoids is to prevent the microorganisms from entering the body by providing antibodies. When this mechanism fails the adenoids get infected and the child develops symptoms such as blockage of the nose, difficulty in breathing, fever, disturbed sleep, cough, sneezing, running nose, pain in ear etc. The symptoms may get aggravated on taking cold food and drinks, on exposure to cold, damp weather.

When the symptoms worsen and there is no positive response to other modes of treatment and even in the conditions where adenoidectomy is advised, Homeopathy can help. It provides safe and effective treatment and brings the symptoms under control and to a larger extent, the surgery can be avoided. It increases the susceptibility of the child, builds the immune system and prevents the recurrence of the disease.

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