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Osteoarthritis the most common joint disorder and degenerative disease occur due to changes in the cartilages surrounding the joint and formation of spurs. The most unbearable pain for an elderly individual is pain in joints which hinders their daily activities making them less active and prone to the development of various diseases. The common symptoms of osteoarthritis include pain, swelling, stiffness of joints, weakness, tiredness, and deformities of the bones.

Though the disease is irreversible because of pathological changes but with Homoeopathic treatment it can be managed efficiently, and acute symptoms of the disease can be minimized. During an acute flare-up of the disease, the distress which a person is undergoing can be treated with Homoeopathy along with diet and lifestyle modifications which not only relieves the pain but also prevents the further progress of the disease. Along with the course of the treatment mobility of the joint and flexibility can be improved with proper rest and weight management.

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