Gallbladder Stones

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Gallbladder Stones

What is gallbladder and how gallstones occur?

A pear-shaped or hollow organ beneath the liver is gallbladder where the storage and concentration of bile juice occurs and aids in the digestion of fatty foods, whenever changes or disturbances occur in bile juice it may results in the formation of pebble-like stones known as gall bladder stones or cholelithiasis. Gall bladder stones occur due to undissolved cholesterol or bilirubin products. The size of the gall stones can either be big or small or a combination of both.


When there are inflammation and obstruction of the duct by gall stones it is known as cholecystitis. Initially, it is asymptomatic but when the size of the stone increases and obstruction becomes severe it results in colicky pain in the right upper part of the abdomen with tenderness, fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, pain radiating to the right shoulder or back etc. Jaundice may occur if the biliary system gets obstructed and if the stone blocks the pancreatic duct, then pancreatitis may occur.


  1. Cholesterol gallstones
  2. Pigment gallstones and Mixed stones.

Risk factors

Gallstones may be found more commonly in-women, person who is obese leading a sedentary lifestyle, having high cholesterol diet, fatty foods, during pregnancy, intake of oral contraceptive pills, age above 40 years, a person diagnosed with diabetes and liver diseases, family history of gallstones etc


If untreated possible complications can occur like gangrene, rupture of gall bladder, jaundice, pancreatitis, gall stone ileus, septicemia due to infection etc.

Homeopathic treatment possibly helps in reducing the stone size and inflammation of the gallbladder. Without surgical intervention, homeopathic remedies help in dissolving the gall stones and effective in alleviating colicky pain. Few Homeopathic remedies indicated in gallbladder stones are BERBERIS VULGARIS, CHINA, BELLADONNA, CARDUS MARIANUS, CARBO VEG, COLOCYNTH, CHOLESTERINUM, CHIONANTHUS, LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM, NUX VOMICA, RAPHANUS, PULSATILLA.

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