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Autism is a complex developmental and neurological disorder affecting the overall development process of a child. Diminished intellectual, social and communication skills are the key factor for autism. The exact etiology behind autism is unknown but the disorder is detected during the initial stages of life. An autistic child may have difficulty in learning, reasoning or planning, behavioral problem, lack of interest in the conversation, sensitivity, and irritability to certain noise or light, may suffer from sleep disturbances.

Autism is multifactorial there is no single cause, several environmental and genetic factors are responsible for the development of autism. Initial awareness, diagnosis, and appropriate interventions help in overcoming the disease through the condition that begins in childhood may persist lifelong.

Many neurological disorders like autism require Homeopathic treatment in order to improve the overall wellbeing of a person. When constitutional Homeopathy is administered at initial stages there is a maximum chance of getting improvement.

At Star Homeopathy there is a scientific and more advanced method of treating the autistic person which gives long lasting relief of complaints.

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