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Role of Homeopathy to Boost Immune System:

  • The immune system is designed to fight off infections and diseases. It has several ways to detect and destroy anything it recognizes as a foreign body including bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, etc.
  • People with weak immunes system is at high risk of infections.
  • During these times, your immune system needs a lift more than ever; homeopathy can build immunity without any side effects.
  • Homeopathy is the system of medicine that is based on the principle of similia similibus curantur, i.e., the symptoms of illness must be matches with the remedy causing the issues.
  • Although homeopathic medicines are thought to stimulate the body’s defenses, how they do so remains a mystery.
  • Homeopathic medicines do not simply stimulate the body's immune system to treat ill people for they can also boost it, which is necessary for the healing of the individuals.
  • Homeopathy on the other hand focuses on the entire human body, it functions on an intrinsic belief that every part of the body is linked to the other, and curing one part involves curing the whole.
  • Since homeopathy functions on the principle of similar, its approach to improving a body immunity is to identify elements, which when coming in contact with which the body in large quantities causes the body to react struggling and display symptoms of distress.
  • Allowing the body to build disease-fighting antibodies which then improves the body’s tolerance towards the diseases.
  • The strength of the immunity system varies from person to person and, what’s more, from day to day because its ability to fight off infection fluctuates depending on many factors.

Here are the couple of things that you can practice to Increase your immune system to fight against diseases.

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