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Vitiligo is an autoimmune condition of the skin characterised by white patches occuring due to destruction of melanocytes. As it is an auto immune disorder the exact cause is unknown and genetic predisposition plays an important role where the body defense system attacks its own cells. The condition commonly affects the sun exposed areas such as face, lips, arms, feet etc. It may also affect the hair margins of scalp, eyebrows, beard and eyelashes and results in premature graying of hair and loss of skin colour in various parts of the body. There is no clear cut demarcation for the occurence of disease at a particular age it can affect people of any age group.Psychological stress and various auto immune diseases are major factor contributing to the development of the disease.

Vitiligo can be either segmental or non segmental. Mucus membranes of the body are initially affected followed by further spread to other parts of the body.

There are numerous remedies in Homeopathy effective in treating vitiligo depending upon the nature of the patient,nature of the disease and its causative factors. Homeopathy prevents the further destruction of melanocytes, the triggering factors can be avoided and further progress of the disease can be checked at optimum period.

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*I thank Dr. Harshavardhan garu for making me better and guiding me to better health. His treatment is very good. Its been 4 months since I started taking medicines here.

G Anitha

*I was unable to concentrate on my work & achieve my goals with severe eczema & dermatitis .Thanks to Star Homeopathy Hospital for their unique drug preparations.


*Star homoeopathy & ayurveda is care of address for people suffering from different diseases. I felt very happy as my psoriasis was cured.


*After trying all sorts of medications from some renowed infertility specialists & undergone many tests for about 5 yrs with special infertility medicine & treatments.Thanks

Sd. Yakub

*I’m taking treatment for my nose infection in star homeopathy from past 6 months under Dr.Krishnamurthy. His treatment is very good

Betni Sagar

*I undergone physiotherapy & ayurvedic treatments like januvasti & elakizhi along with some excellent drug preparations which made my life easier with my joint pains due to degenerative changes.


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