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Homeopathy  Treatment : Sinusitis


WHAT IS SINUSES:- also called as paranasal sinuses,surrounding the cavities of the nasal bone as hollow space filled with air.The main purpose of the sinuses is to prevent the dryness of the nose during breathing process and heaviness of the skull.

TYPES OF PARA NASAL SINUSES:- four pairs of sinuses is present in the facial bone namely frontal,maxillary,ethmoidal and sphenoidal sinus.Depending upon the extent of inflammation and duration it can be categorised as acute,subacute and chronic sinusitis.

HOW SINUSITIS OCCURS:- the term sinusitis refers to inflammation of the paranasal sinuses.It develops when the air filled hollow spaces become filled with mucus resulting in disturbed dicharge of mucus into nose and throat and swollen nasal cavity.

WHO ARE AT RISK:- children with weak immunity and suffering with recurrent attacks of common cold,person with a history of repeated respiratory tract infection,person diagnosed with either nasal polyp or deviated nasal septum,sensitvity or allergic reactions to certain substances or strong odours etc.
HOW SINUSITIS IS DIAGNOSED:- symptoms alone are indicative of sinusitis and in some chronic cases X ray of the paranasal sinuses is suggestive of the disease.Symptoms suggestive of sinusitis are pain and heaviness of head and face,congestion and blockage of nose,discharge from the nose(it may be thick and yellowish greenish)absence of smell,fever and bad breath from mouth(halitosis) etc.

HOW SINUSITIS CAN BE TREATED AND MANAGED:- sinusitis can be well managed with Homoeopathic system of medicine.The primary aim of the physician is to manage and treat the symptoms of the disease safely without any adverse effects.Recurrent attacks of sinusitis can lead to several complications of the middle ear, inflammatory condition of the larynx and abscess formation due to excessive collection of mucus in the sinus.All the above complications can be managed well with Homoeopathic medicines by enhancing the immunity,resistance to fight the disease condition and establishing permanent cure.

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