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Homeopathy : Psoriasis

Psoriasis one of the commonest skin disorder triggered by various internal and external factors where skin gets affected in larger proportion .Psoriasis not only affects the skin but also the nails, joints and scalp.Though the disease flare up anytime irrespective of time and season but majority of the people find it more distressing during winter season.The disease can occur in any age group irrespective of sex.As it is an autoimmune disorder the cause being multifactorial it affects men and women equally.

Along with genetic predisposition it is also triggered by certain factors such as stress, chemicals, drugs,climate,certain diet etc. 

Types:- Psoriasis vulgaris,Guttate Psoriasis,Pustular Psoriasis,Inverse Psoriasis,Erythrodermic Psoriasis,Palmar psoriasis,Plantar psoriasis etc

When other system of medicine fails to relieve the symptoms of psoriasis Homoeopathy restores the healthy skin by providing first line of treatment by reaching the root cause of the disease though there is genetic predisposition in the background.As the disease is deep seated in nature treatment varies from person to person and requires constitutional approach which itself stimulates the body to restore its disturbed immune response.

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