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Homeopathic Treatment – Hyperthyroidism

Hypothyroidism one of the most common endocrinal disorder affecting large no.of population and the leading cause for disturbing the metabolic process of the body.The effects of hypothyroidism is seen whenever there is inadequate or insufficient production of hormones by the thyroid glands.The problem can lie either in the pituitary gland or in the thyroid gland.

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and iodine deficiency are the significant cause for hypothyroidism.

It is of two types:- 

(a) primary hypothyroidism- this occurs when there is deficient production of hormones by the thyroid gland itself.

(b) secondary hypothyroidism:- this occurs when there is lack of stimulation of thyroid gland by the pituitary gland.

Unexplainable weight gain,tiredness without much exertion or physical activity,irregular bowel movements,intolerance to cold,dryness of skin,menstrual irregularities,pain in multiple joints,puffiness of face,weakness of memory etc.If left untreated for a prolonged perid life threatening condition such as myxedema can occur.

Although womens are at higher risk of developing hypothyroidism but it can also be present in infants.If early intervention is not taken it may lead to retardation both mentally and physically.

Homoeopathy is effective in establishing normal functioning of the thyroid gland without any side effects.By following proper Homoeopathic treatment protocol it can minimise the adverse effects of hypothyroidism and establishes immediate relief and permanent cure.

Few Homoeopathic remedies like calcarea carb, sepia, graphites, iodum, thyroidinum, lycopodium,nat mur etc are very effective in treating hypothyroidism.

Along with appropriate treatment dietary modifications also play a major role.A person diagnosed with hypothyroidism should be explained the basic dietary changes such as diet rich in anti oxidants,vit B,selenium,tyrosine should be advised.Certain vegetables like cabbage,broccoli,spinach should be avoided as they are goitrogenic foods,diet rich in  calcium iodineshould be avoided as they may hinder the treatment process.Consumption of alcohol,tobacco should be reduced.


Hyperthyroidism also known as thyrotoxicosis is a disorder of the thyroid gland where increased secretion of thyroid harmone is seen.The diagnosis of hyperthyroidism is done by assessing the thyroid profile which shows decreased levels of TSH and increased levels of T3,T4 levels in the blood.

Grave’s disease,multinodular goiter,toxic adenoma,excessive intake of iodine is the root cause of the disease.A person diagnosed with this disease may experience certains symptoms such as weakness of muscles,irregular sleep pattern,increased heart beat,intolerance to heat,increased frequency of stool,loss of weight despite normal appetite,menstrual irregularities etc.Delayed intervention can result in certain complications such as exopthalmos i.e protrusion of the eyes. swelling of feet,elevated blood pressure,weak and fragile bone leading to pain and early deformity.

Homoeopathy can manage the disorders of the thyroid gland more effectively and efficiently with an aim at providing its benefits to the people at an affordable cost.Homoepathic treatment has a vital role as its foremost aspect is to maintain the harmony of the body.The homoeopathic physician prescribes the similimum not only based on the presenting symptoms but also takes into consideration the mental and physical aspects of the patient,thus when prescribed on the basis of totality it can reach the root cause of the disease and bring back the body to normal functioning.

Homoeopathic remedies:- few Homoeopathic remedies indicated in hyperthyroidism are calcarea phos,thyroidinum,calcarea iod,spongia,iodum,nat mur, phos, lapis,sulph,puls,lachesis, sepia,fucus etc.

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