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Homeopathic Treatment – Hair – Fall 

The most distressing condition which many people are facing is loss of hair also termed as alopecia,hair loss can occur either totally or in patches.Alopecia is mainly 3 types-alopecia areata,alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis.Alopecia involves not only scalp but also the beard and eyebrows.Sometimes the hair loss become so intense that it results in scarring. Initially hair loss first begins in circular patches then it occurs diffusely.The cause for hair fall is multifactorial which may be either due to external or internal cause.Stress has direct impact with alopecia.

Alopecia may also result due to adverse reactions of various medications.Lack of protein in diet,suffering with anemia,long term illness and hormonal imbalances are also the contributing factors for the condition.

Along with appropriate diet Homoeopathy aims at treating the causative factors which ultimately results in healthy hair follicle and hair.As stress is the major factor for hairfall Homoeopathy takes into consideration the psychological aspect of the patient along with totality of symptoms and regulates the massive hair loss.

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