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Homeopathy : Asthma 


Asthma the most common disease of the lung is derived from the Greek terminology which means ‘panting’ and is characterised by chronic inflammatory process of the airways.It is manifested in form of various signs and symptoms such as shortness of breath,tightness of chest, wheezing, coughing, difficulty in talking or speaking, disturbed sleep due to breathlessness etc.The symptoms of asthma may become worse at night,early morning,on exposure to cold air or with exercise.The recurrence of symptoms can occur many times a day or per week. Several genetic and environmental factors are responsible for the causation of this disease. Asthma is basically of two types-

(a) Atopic asthma

(b) Non Atopic asthma.

Prevention and treatment of asthma with Homeopathy : –

Homoeopathic treatment not only helps in relieving the acute asthmatic attack but also establishes the immune  system thereby reducing the symptoms and making breathing easy.With Homoeopathy side effects can be educed,the symptoms can clear up completely and necessity of inhalers gets reduced.Approach through totality of symptoms, individualisation and correct similimum Homoeopathy identifies the disturbances at physical and mental level and effeciently manages the acute asthmatic episodes and as well as chronic symptoms of the disease. Prevention can be achieved by avoiding the triggering factors like allergens(dust mite, pollen),avoid exposure to cold air.

Homoeopathic remedies:- the remedies indicated in asthma are blatta orientalis, ipecac, arsalb,sambucus,ant.tart,ars iod,kalibi,ambra grisea,ammonium carb,dulcamara,justicia etc…


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