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Homeopathic Treatment – Acidity

Acidity the most common condition encountered in day to day life occurs due to increased production of acid by the stomach and is typically presented as burning sensation in throat and chest,bloating,heaviness and discomfort feeling of abdomen,indigestion,irregular bowel movements,nausea,sour eructations etc.There are several factors contributing to acidity such as excessive consumption of beverages like alcohol, coffee, tea, stress,poor diet, smoking, sedentary life style,few medications,oily food etc.sometimes the person may also experience pain in abdomen,excessive accumulation of wind.

who are at risk- people who are obese,who consume spicy food and meat,women during pregnancy or approaching menopause,person diagnosed with diabetes,asthma or other condition with medication for a prolonged period.
Homoeopathy can really help in treating the disease permanently by strengthening the digestive system,maintaining appropriate pH levels and thereby reduces the excessive production of acid.

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